A group of artists was tasked with designing a modern concept for viaducts. By blending natural elements and artistic shapes a series of ambitious designs were presented.
3D Render Via Dotta Zonnenpanelen
The 4 unique designs present solutions to different problems that arise when creating these demanding works of construction.
3D Render Via Dotta Moss
I was asked to visualize their visions. The first thing that I wanted the viewer to see was all the green. By de-saturating everything not crucial we are left with a gentle and clear design.
3D Render Doublemen Boom
These viaducts truly are more than meets the eye. Moss is being kept alive by a sponge-structure under the road. Sun-focusing spheres spread the sunlight under the viaduct so photo-synthesis can keep the structures healthy and green.
3D render Via Dotta Bomen
3D Render Via Dotta Yan Paul Dubbelman
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